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Sticky: NEW Urgent Stuff? Iratu Louche
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: benjamin_kirby_tennyson -> ben_tennyson jay19 jay19
NEW Bug (?): Posts Per Page DedInSide DedInSide
NEW [APPROVED] Artist alias & bulk update requests Unkaar DanbooruBot
NEW Tag alias: trunks_(dragon_ball) -> trunks_briefs namekianer namekianer
NEW [APPROVED] Fix artist name "Honryou Hanaru" hcm hcm
NEW [APPROVED] Fix some tag classification of artist hcm DanbooruBot
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: edd -> double_d jay19 DanbooruBot
NEW [APPROVED] charlotta_(granblue_fantasy) -> charlotta_fenia hcm DanbooruBot
NEW [APPROVED] Tag implication: solid_censor -> censored lolifiedtrap DanbooruBot
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: beast_boy_(dc) -> beast_boy Iratu DanbooruBot
NEW Similar Images Search not working nicostw nicostw
NEW Tag alias: finn_the_human -> Finn_Mertens jay19 DanbooruBot
NEW [APPROVED] Re-request bulk update of "tamonmaru" hcm hcm
NEW 3D and "No 3D" Dampfnudel thatenemy
NEW [APPROVED] Bulk update [[tamon_maru]] -> [[tamonmaru]]. Unkaar DanbooruBot
NEW potential vandalism:AssNTitties. Unkaar Unkaar
NEW How do we move wiki entry? Unkaar Unkaar
NEW Could a mod contact JimSmutje2? Unkaar thatenemy
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: sextoy -> sex_toy namekianer DanbooruBot
NEW deepcreampy Dampfnudel Unkaar
NEW what is going on with the site? PurpleMelon Dampfnudel
NEW Can we pls stop namekianer from deleting all kinds of tags from all kinds of pictures? PurpleMelon thatenemy
NEW [FAILED] Tag alias: the_legend_of_korra -> avatar:_the_legend_of_korra JimSmutje2 DanbooruBot
NEW impossible to edit some tags Unkaar Unkaar
NEW Limited_palette and limited_color separate. lolifiedtrap lolifiedtrap
NEW Tagging strategy MrE thatenemy
NEW scores Dampfnudel thatenemy
NEW Remove empty pages sammboi102 thatenemy
NEW Complaint about user PurpleMelon PurpleMelon
NEW Desktop Mode shotaloli18 thatenemy
NEW What/who is your favorite genre/artists Forkstick thatenemy
NEW Make "Perky_Nipples" it's own Tag mc-the-fool thatenemy
NEW [APPROVED] Pokemon Let's GO character names cosi DanbooruBot
NEW Removing a post pandarabbi MarioFanAnAtic
NEW Strange Error message.... Dampfnudel nicostw
NEW Privacy error message PurpleMelon PurpleMelon
NEW Misattributed tag changes johann2126 thatenemy
NEW Can't upload picture PurpleMelon PurpleMelon
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: monster_hunter_world -> monster_hunter:_world Iratu DanbooruBot